HR Challenges for a Global World

The HR Transition from transaction to transformation requires new thinking, models, practices and competencies. The legacy of HR with a focus on administrative tasks keeps HR from delivering strategic value. The business demands the HR Organization, which has capabilities of agility, speed, innovation, collaboration, talent and resilience. The business demands the Strategic HR Management.

HR strategic challengesStrategic HR Challenges for XXI century in a Global World

  • New Markets and Global Talent Pools Competitors hiring talents globally
  • Growing competition from low cost countries
  • Skilled employees available globally
  • One job board is not enough
  • Constant pressure on production costs
  • New competitors coming to market every day
  • Global shopping as simple as local one
  • Quality of education constantly decreasing
  • Western university graduates less competitive
  • Just few companies can choose top talents
  • Talents require the protection against
  • Top graduates do move globally
  • Local universities are not sufficient pools
  • Employees work longer hours. Again.
  • New technologies require skilled employees
  • No promise of “Life-long employment”
  • Taking work home becomes a standard
  • Productivity gains become a standard part of the
    job description
  • Organizations do monitor and manage the span
    and layers
  • Constant organizational changes bringing
  • Loyalty not reciprocated by the organization
  • Loyalty not seen as a corporate value
  • Engagement more difficult
  • Employees hiding best ideas for the new
  • Employees are loyal to the industry or sector
  • Declining loyalty is a real danger for the business
  • Shareholders demanding more from the
  • Increased pressure to deliver increased profits
    even in difficult times
  • The leadership development programs under a
    direct supervision of shareholders and Board of
  • No time to think about a complex change of the
    organization in deep
  • Each change is followed by other change
  • Black Swans occur regularly and change the
    entire industry
  • Complex and difficult decisions made in real
  • No time to communicate to employees fully

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 Borja Burguillos

Author: Borja Burguillos

Global People Strategy

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